North East Artisans

NEA is a not for profit organisation operating using a cooperative model, we provide a support network for local creatives and showcase their work in our gallery shop. We also offer workshops, mentoring, studio space and run local events.

Studios - Information, including conditions & expression of interest form

NEA is self-funded and through revenue from the gallery plus other entrepreneurial activities is able to subsidise a number of studios of various sizes for artists/artisans to conduct their creative work and art business activities.

NEA strongly believes in engaging the public with the art community, and for that reason has an ‘open studio’ policy for the public to enjoy during business hours.

NEA Studios aim to

  • Provide safe and affordable work space for artists and artisans with 24 hour access.
  • Provide artists with the opportunity to interact and engage with other artist from NEA, visiting artists, as well as the general public.
  • Provide artists a base to conduct their art business from, including meetings with clients.
  • Provide the public the opportunity to explore how artists work by allowing public access to the studios during business hours.


Before applying for a NEA studio, consider the following conditions:

  • The studios are ‘working studios’ and artists/artisans are expected to use them productively for the creation of new work.
  • Artists/artisans are expected to maintain excellent OH&S practises.
  • Artist/artisans are expected to contribute their required hours of service to NEA as agreed with the studio coordinator and NEA management committee.
  • NEA runs on a shoestring without public funding; please keep rent payments up to date.
  • The studios cannot be used for display or storage purposes only; they must be used regularly to create new work.

Any problems talk to the studio coordinator or someone from NEA management committee. We exist to help artists/artisans!

There is a waiting list for studios to become available.

NEA reserves the right to select artist/artisans they deem appropriate for a studio.

Prospective studio artists are required to put in an application with documentation of their work before being considered for the waiting list.

Applications are free. Artists/artisans start paying rent at the end of the month in which the studio has been allocated.

The following considerations may determine your suitability for a studio at NEA:

  1. Merit of work and potential for artistic growth at NEA.
  2. Intended use of studio and productivity.
  3. Qualifications and experience.
  4. Locality.
  5. Personality; how well would you get on with people already here?
  6. Enthusiasm.

Other skills and experience that could contribute to NEA

The NEA studio mix; we aim to support a broad range of artists/artisans, from amateur to experienced professionals.

​Call in and see our quality, locally made, handcrafted items. Meet the artisans, see them at work in their open studios, have a chat. Sign up for a workshop or watch a demonstration.